Monday, July 21, 2008

Rare Strange Tales (Cool Air) Surfaces

The seller states: Smaller digest size. Two staple spine. British publication. No numer or date is given although research reveals the above. Evidently this is an even more RARE American overprint as 25 c can be seen of the 9 d. This book is in fantastic shape with no real wear. Slightly turned up front cover at right edge but no fold or color break and I only mention because there is nothing else to say about it. colors are quite bold! The only defect is the light water stain which can be seen in the images. Only the cover and first page (back and front) are affected. Barely visible on front cover. Pages are light cream in color and in fantastic, flexible shape. Fanzines are usually extremely fragile, this one is not at all. No folds, no creasing no tears. GREAT authors too! LOVECRAFT, ASHTON SMITH, BLOCH AND MORE..With some nice illustrations. 68 pages which include both covers. ($49.99 to start)

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