Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sonia in 1939 At Race Relations Meeting

The seller (epegana) states:


Sonia Haft Greene married H. P. Lovecraft in 1924 (probably the only rash & impulsive thing HPL ever did!) and lived together only ten months finally divorcing in 1928. Sonia moved to California in 1933, married Nathaniel Davis in 1936 and at last found a happy marriage until Dr. Davis' death in 1945. Davis was a fascinating character in his own right; born in Brazil, was at sea as a boy, schooled in USA and received his Doctorate of Philosophy degree from Yale, founded with Luther Burbank the peace group "The Planetaryan, joined the Royal College of Physicians in London, explored the arctic and the "blanks on the map of Australia", and was a worse poet than HPL! Sonia herself was a woman who thrived for causes and she was a passionate promoter of Race Relations. This photograph 8" x 10" was taken at a meeting in 1939; Sonia is pictured in the front row next to her husband the white haired gentleman with the moustache - Dr. Davis.

The verso of the photograph is in Sonia's own hand - signed "Mrs. N. A. Davis (Sonia H)". Sonia died alone at a convalescent home in Southern California having never reconciled with her daughter.

{The rest of the signatures say: Bishop Hill, Dr. N.A. Davis, Mrs. N.A. Davis (Sonia H.), Race Relations Meeting 1939. - CP}

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