Friday, February 08, 2008

Winifred Virginia Jackson

I have other blog entries on the controversial relationship of HPL to WVJ. But look at that picture. Could Helen of Troy be any more beautiful?

The seller states: WINIFRED VIRGINIA JACKSON - LOVECRAFT's LOST ROMANCEBy George T. Wetzel & R. Alain EvertsOne of the necessities & beauties of "fandom" publications is printing speculations such as this! Coincidental sharing of seemingly random information can lead to serious literary sleuthing! Taking the lead from the late HPL pioneer George T. Wetzel, Alain Everts dug even deeper and assembled a very convincing argument that, if HPL was not romantically involved with the lovely Ms. Jackson, he was certainly enamored with her! A fascinating woman in her own right, HPL was interested enough and thought highly enough of her writing to collaborate with her on two of her tales - "The Crawling Chaos" and "The Green Meadow" both published under her pseudonym of Elizabeth Berkeley. HPL also wrote a glowing four-page article on her poetry published in "The United Amateur", March, 1921 under the title - "Winifred Virginia Jackson: A 'different' poetess", which is reproduced herein. Photographs of Jackson are reproduced evidencing her beauty even into her 40's, along with a photograph of HPL AND A PHOTO TAKEN BY HPL!I believe this sixteen-page paper was prepared for a mailing of "The Esoteric Order of Dagon"A fine paper indeed.

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