Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Imagination 1938 (Bloch, Kuttner, &c)

{Compare this to the other copy of "Imagination" previosuly posted - CP}

The seller states: April, 1938 Vol. 1., No. 7 Long before the internet and even for some fans, before easy access to a telephone(!) there existed the mimeograph machine! And with mimeography came "Fanzines" - that highly energetic communication life-line between budding futurists across the United States. Virtually every Science Fiction writer during the "Golden Age", either edited, illustrated, or had his work published FIRST in "Fanzines". Seventeen year old Ray Bradbury recent arrival from Waukeegan threw himself heart & soul into his newly found Science Fiction surroundings and wrote, illustrated and finally edited "Fanzines". RB's earliest efforts were contributing to his friend Forrie Ackerman's "Fanmag of the Future" - "IMAGINATION!" RB is present herein with his humorous full-page article on creating a "STF" (Scienti-fiction) story..."Ingredients 1 scientist well frayed, grayed & bent about 60 years old , has invented somc super-colossal machine that can warp time or destroy matter - - -take your pick"...a full-page of classical sf plots & subplots.Book reviews by Henry Kuttner and a long letter from Robert Bloch. This is a beautiful copy that was never mailed.Need I say how rare this early Bradbury item is!

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