Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not Lovecraft: But very rare

Sorry, this is just too unique not to post it.

The seller states: IMAGINATIONJuly, 1938 Vol. 1., No. 10Long before the internet and even for some fans, before easy access to a telephone(!) there existed the mimeograph machine! And with mimeography came "Fanzines" - that highly energetic communication life-line between budding futurists across the United States. Virtually every Science Fiction writer during the "Golden Age", either edited, illustrated, or had his work published FIRST in "Fanzines". Seventeen year old Ray Bradbury recent arrival from Waukeegan threw himself heart & soul into his newly found Science Fiction surroundings and wrote, illustrated and finally edited "Fanzines". RB's earliest efforts were contributing to his friend Forrie Ackerman's "Fanmag of the Future" - "IMAGINATION!" RB is present herein with his humorous takes on Darwin's "THE ORGAN OF THE SPICES" and his:
"I think that I shall never see
A Science-Fiction fan like me,
Who sits and dreams of rocket-ships
And nourish-tablets on my lips.
I read my magazines all day,
With age their brown, and I am gray,
I'd go to Mars myself, know well
If it weren't for this padded cell"
This is E. E. Doc Smith's copy. Staples pulled thru the cover and folded for mailing. No trouble reading the mimeography.

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