Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lovecraft's Anti-Semitism (Gerry de la Ree book)

The seller of this item states: THE OCCULT LOVECRAFT - by Lovecraft & RavenPublished by Gerry de la Ree - limited to 990 numbered copies This publication by Gerry de la Ree reproduces two previously unpublished essays by Howard Phillips Lovecraft - "The Cosmos & Religion", and "The Incantation from Red Hook" wherein HPL discusses in this five-page paper (culled from a letter) the witches cauldron of materials he used to concoct his "Incantation from Red Hook" in his story "The Horror from Red Hook". There is also an article by Frank Belknap Long telling of his looking for an apartment in the notorious "Red Hook" district and HPL's living there in 1925. Anthony Raven - magician, mentalist and Occult expert expounds upon HPL's use of magic in a ten-page article entitled "Lovecraft & Black Magic". Lastly, there is a two-page article on HPL and his anti-semitical ravings by Samuel Loveman: Loveman lived in the same building as HPL during his "Red Hook" days and when he found out after Lovecraft's death what a pronounced anti-semite he was, he burned all of HPL's correspondence and wrote this note to de la Ree..."During that period I believed Howard was a saint. Of course he wasn't. What I did not know or realize is that he was an arrant anti-semite who concealed his smouldering hatred of me... it would be impossible for me to describe the smug cloaked hypocrisy of Lovecraft. One last letter to me advocates the extinction of Jews and their exclusion from colleges".

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