Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Levah keraph" Unique Gerry de la Ree book

Seller States: KLARKASH-TON & MONSTRO LIGRIV Published by Gerry de la Ree - limited to 500 numbered copies Klarkash-ton and Monstro Ligriv were the alter-egos provided by H. P. Lovecraft or "Levah keraph" for his friends Clark Ashton Smith and Virgil Finlay. This publication by Gerry de la Ree reproduces the only known letters between CAS and Virgil Finlay, and interesting correspondence they are too, however brief! Only the letters from CAS are reprinted wherein he discusses his artistic methods and by his responses to V. F., we get some insight also into his working methods, philosophies and loves. H. P. Lovecraft is mentioned throughout the letters as his death just weeks before had left a terrific impression upon both men. Additionally there are six pages of poetry by CAS and two pages of poetry by VF, also photographs of both. Reproductions of previously unpublished artwork by VF is also present.A most worthwhile publication indeed!Thumb-smudge on the title-page as de la Ree hadn't allowed the ink to dry! else fine

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