Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fantasy Fan February 1935

The seller states: THE FANTASY FAN February, 1935, Vol 2, No. 6 edited by Charles D. Hornig This, the February 1935 number, is the last issue of THE FANTASY FAN... "we have learned that there are not enough lovers of weird fiction who are interested enough in the subject to pay for a fan magazine." Thus, the greatest fantasy fanzine met its fate! This legendary paper ran to eighteen issues, and every issue featured works by not only HPL or Robert E. Howard, or Clark Ashton Smith, abut also other famous weird tales writers of the time. Seventeen out of the eighteen issues contained an installment of H. P. Lovecraft's - "Supernatural Horror in Literature" and this issue contains part 9 of "Annals of the Jinns" by Robert H. Barlow (most of these pieces were edited or rewritten by HPL before publication. A brief article on Adolph de Castro by F. Lee Baldwin highlights the author's upcoming books (most rewritten also by HPL!). A small chip missing from the right-hand corn of the paper is evident in the scan, else a very very good copy which was never folded for mailing. There were only about sixty copies of each issue printed! (No wonder they couldn't make any money!).

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