Friday, February 01, 2008

Ray Bradbury's Parody of HP Lovecraft: Part 2

OK, found this little snippet from the Center of Ray Bradbury Studies:

For the F&SF reprint, Bradbury added a whimsical encounter with H. P. Lovecraft as Poe, Bierce and Blackwood make their way to visit Dickens (an F&SF substitution for Hawthorne). Bradbury was not satisfied with this long 600-word parody of Lovecraft and deleted it from all further versions.

Apparently Anthony Boucher, then editor of F&SF, (of the Sherlock Holmes Radio plays fame) had contacted Bradbury and asked for slight modifications of the 1949 MacClean version. I assume that this is why no mention fo the previous version is listed since there are enough changes to warrant it as a "new" item.

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Cuitlamiztli Carter said...

Wait, do you mean in the story incorporated into the Martian Chronicles where humanity's famous dark fictioneers are out in space? If so, encountering Lovecraft there would have changed me as a pre-teen.


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