Friday, February 08, 2008

Edith Miniter & H P Lovecraft (1921)

The seller states:

THE AFTERMATH Edited by Edith Miniter, November, 1921 H. P. Lovecraft forged his legendary reputation in the Amateur-zines and his name and works appeared in many many issues. Indeed, it was something of a literary coup to have HPL present within your pages - it guaranteed more than a minimumal number of readers! 1921 was an especially eventful year in his career as he was one of the prime speakers at the Boston National Amateur Convention. So taken was the enthralled crowd with HPL's wit & intellect that his speech was recalled even years later; too bad no one had the sense enough to take it down! Edith Miniter was one of those present and she dedicated this issue of her Amateur-zine to all the events leading up to, during, and after that notable event. HPL is noted throughout and so much so that this issue is dedicated to him.NOTE: If you've read about HPL's "romance" with Winifred Virginia Jackson in my other listing, this issue of "The Aftermath" makes mention of H. P. Lovecraft having a "Brownie" camera.A dust band along top & spine edge present in the scan, else fine.I'll be selling my entire HPL fanzine & amateur-zine collection on ebay beginning now so notify your HPL collecting friends!

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