Saturday, February 02, 2008

David H Keller Controversy in 1968

I found this totally by surprise. I'd not read anything about this perviously. Gotta love Ebay - The Time Machine Museum. I captured the most legible image I could, but I don't have time to retype it right now. It's a published note by Mrs. Keller after his decease stating that his library was basically still intact (was someone trying to rip people off selling fakes?) and that his library was not that robust in any event. He kept one file of his published stories which she still had, and a few of his previous letter correspondence had been given out over the years to trusted people so, yes, maybe a few were in circulation at auction marts.

There is an article within entitled "What is a Lovecraftian" and the other headline is about the famous letter writing campaign to save Star Trek. Do I remember that. I would have been about 12 then and loved Star Trek on our black and white set. Yes, I grokked Spock. :)

The seller on ebay states that the 'zine was: From the collection of Tom Reamy.

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