Monday, February 11, 2008

Lovecraft, Comics, Julius Schwartz

This recently arrived in my mail box:

Mr. Perridas,

Just discovered your blog about the Gentleman from Providence. Good stuff, very enlightening.

Lovecraft's impact on sequential art, especially superhero comics, is immense. Curious if you're aware of how much his Mythos has informed modern superheroics, particularly those of the DC universe (where his young friend Julius Schwartz - another child of Abraham in his acquaintance!).

Here is a great blog on the subject at:

It begins:

I think I'll creatively do so by briefly laying out the story I'd like to read that would explore Lovecraft's influence on the Silver Age of DC Comics, in particular. I mean, the editor at the time? Julius Schwartz, who in his younger days was a fan who acted as agent for Lovecraft.The following builds to the story I'd like to see from DC Comics, one that would reflect on Lovecraft's influence on comics as well as give an "alternate" end to the Silver Age.


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