Monday, April 17, 2006

The Tomb

"I shall never forget the afternoon when I first stumbled upon the half-hidden house of death." The Tomb.

all above photos (c) Chris Peridas, 2006

If you've read any of my Chad Spence ghost stories, or my La Llorna story you know how fascinated I am with the idea of keeping memories alive of those deceased. When we die, our bodies decay and memories of our love, tears, and adventures slowly fade into the aether. We pray for our loved ones to remember, but as they grow old and die, who remembers? How do we maintain our imortality?

By telling stories.

I like to walk. As I strolled through the Walnut Ridge Cemetery of Jeffersonville, Indiana I nearly fainted when I saw these crypts dug into the side of the hill. I came back a little later to capture them on film with my archaic and aging 35mm SLR (not digital). This is not out in the wilderness, but nestled between a few small business parks that sprung up around them over the last century.

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