Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rare Letter

Chrispy was able to find a copy of an old fanzine that had this letter to Virgil Finlay from Harry Probst on 1 May 1937.

"My Dear Sir.

"Since Mr. Lovecraft has become critically ill I am writing this letter. He looked very bad this a.m. and seems to be slowly going downhill. ...

"...He is still at 66 College Street - and has not been removed to the hospital. He is suffering from some gastro-intestinal condition - has severe pain, can get little rest, and seems very weak. ..."

Virgil Finlay and HPL corresponded a few times from Sept. 9, 1936 to Jan. 1, 1937. HPL was in ecstasy over the young man's artwork and raved to him. If you have never seen Finlay's work, it rivals Hannes Bok and precedes and perhaps anticipates Frazetta.

From the collection of Gerry de la Ree in Fantasy Collector's Annual 1974, Saddle River, NJ [copy 432] p.9.

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