Wednesday, April 12, 2006

An Australian Mythos collection

This is a unique package of exotic Mythos stories published in 1975 in Australia

The Horror in the Burying Ground (Hazel Heald), The Green Meadow (H.P.Lovecraft & Elizabeth Berkeley), Invisible Monster (Sonia Greene), The Man of Stone (Hazel Heald), Deaf Dumb and Blind (C.M.Eddy Jr.), Till All the Seas (Robert H. Barlow), Out of the Eons (Hazel Heald), The Last Test (Adolphe de Castro), The Curse of Yig (Zealia Bishop), Medusa's Coil (Zealia Bishop), Two Black Bottles (Wilfred Blanch Talman)

In many cases, Lovecraft was the revisionist of these stories.

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