Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Interlude: Strange Maine

This exciting blog keeps me wondering - is my beloved Kentuckiana weirder than strange Maine, or vice versa? While you're wondering, too, check out these great images from "M-" of Strange Maine fame.

HPL wanted to go to Brown U. more than life itself. We all have our dreams challenged, and sometimes crushed. We have to work with the cards dealt to us, but step back to those early days and wonder what might have been with Ech-Pi-El.

Strange Maine

^ 9 years old, Howard had already met major and influential professors at Brown.

^H. P. Lovecraft begins his ascent into amateur journalism.

^In 1913, HPL comes out of hermitry and engages the world.

^In 1904, Howard has his devastating crisis - Grandfather Whipple dies.

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Michelle said...

Chris-- Nice to see the chronological parallels drawn. Thanks for the time-travelling trolley trip!


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