Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lovecraft reviews Weird Tales

"The Mar. & Apr. WT {weird tales magazine} struck me as not quite as bad as usual - tales by Binder, Klarkash-Ton, Hamilton (!!), Kuttner, Jacobi, Derleth, & Bloch having marked points of merit." [*]

March 1936
Margaret Brundage cover
The Albino Deaths • Ronal Kayser • nv
The Crystal Curse [by Earl Binder & Otto Binder] • Eando Binder • nv
Beyond Death's Gateway [*Dr. Satan] • Paul Ernst
The Black Abbot of Puthuum [*Zothique] • Clark Ashton Smith • nv
The Hour of the Dragon [Part 4 of 5; *Conan] • Robert E. Howard • n
In the World's Dusk • Edmond Hamilton • ss
The Ship that Committed Suicide • A. J. Mordtmann • ss
The Graveyard Rats • Henry Kuttner • ss
Homecoming Day • Jay Wilmer Benjamin • ss
A Masterpiece of Crime • Jean Richepin

{March interior}

April 1936
Margaret Brundage cover
The Ruler of Fate [Part 1 of 3] • Jack Williamson
The Face in the Wind • Carl Jacobi • nv
Son of Satan • Arlton Eadie • nv
They Shall Rise • August W. Derleth & Mark Schorer • ss
The Hour of the Dragon [Part 5 of 5; *Conan] • Robert E. Howard • n
The Druidic Doom • Robert Bloch • ss
The Call in the Night • Chandler H. Whipple • ss
The Rajah's Gift • E. Hoffmann Price • ss


* Letters of HP Lovecraft and Donald Wandrei, Joshi, 2002 p.376

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