Friday, April 07, 2006

Lovecraft in the Shadow of Brown University

Howard loved the Ladd Observatory, hung out with professors who also came over to the house. He dearly wanted to be a student there, but alas he never made it.

Here are some vintage pictures of BU in the day.

The top picture is circa 1900 John Hay Library.


gugon said...

This is really cool. I'm glad I found your blog.

And this particular post reminds me of something:

Ever since I read descriptions of the Arkham book Marginalia, I've been extremely curious about something. My budget prohibits me from much serious book collecting - and I couldn't justify the $300 - $800 for this book.

However, according to the descriptions, there are photographs of Lovecraft's study in Marginalia. It's amazing to me that I have never seen these pictures reproduced anywhere else (not for lack of searching, believe me).

Surely you have this book. Would you consider scanning (or photographing) and posting them here?

(Would you need Arkham's permission to do that? Hopefully not.)

Chris Perridas said...

I am trying to be careful to only use what I perceive to be public domain images and not violate any copyrights. I try to reference anything that I can when I have a source -i.e. Arkham House, Necronomicon, Chaosium, or other published sources, and use them only for scholarly purposes.

My collection is large but not exhaustive, heh.

I have a private "office" at for Lovecraft studies and writing. E-mail me and I can walk anyone through signing up - it is free.


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