Sunday, April 16, 2006

Purgatory ... ?

Purgatory, Newport, Rhode Island.

Hail, Melmoth! Here are two of the [1] 1927 triad, but where is our young Tertius Quis? Yesterday we had quite a '27-ish day - Maxfield's at noon, & Jake's [2] in the evening. When is that eastern trip of your coming?

Yrs for the Elder Sign - Pappas Nekrophilos [3]

Salutations from the least of the erstwhile pilgrims to the Berkeleyan shrine. If you are acquainted with one Howard Wandrei, [4] pray convey to him my congratulations on his admirable production. J.F.M. [5] [6]

1 In 1927, Morton, Wandrei and Lovecraft on or about the 19-22 July, 1927 also met up with Long for a high time of motoring and eating.

2 These are diners, i.e. cafeterias.

3 In written greek letters, this is Lovecraft's way of signing the postcard.

4 Donald Wandrei's brother and a reference to his art and stories.

5 James F. Morton (i.e. Mortonius)

6 Joshi describes the postcard, and Chrispy has this one (see pciture) in his possession. There may be another style or angle, but imagine Lovecraft seeing the postcard and the dizzying heights "purgatory" conveys. Perhaps they drove by the actual site? In any event, this card (my card is undated but comes from the 1930's) brings us very close to touching HPL.

Letters of Donald Wandrei and HP Lovecraft, p. 306. This card also has the brief mention of Farnese (see post in HPLblog elsewhere). Postcard from HPL & JFM postmarked from Newport, R.I. and dated 5 August 1932.

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