Sunday, April 16, 2006

Legend Tripping with Lovecraft: Poe's Cottage


^c. 1930


In 1922 and again in 1927 Lovecraft journeyed to Fordham, NY. In 1922 he, Frank Belknap Long and James F Morton had their picture snapped by one Paul Livingston Keil [1].

In 1927 on a postcard of Poe's Cottage HPL wrote, "This is a short letter, but I am surprised that I have time to write any kind of note. I am to lunch with Long in an hour, after which we shall visit the Poe Cottage."

^Poe Cottage, date unknown

September. See Letters of Donald Wanderi and HP Lovecraft, p. 134.

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John Rowlands said...

Chris: I continue to be amazed on the post cards you use to highlight your daily post.

The golden age of post cards can be considered to be the forerunner of the blog. They show us a forgotten picture of the past.

Keep using them.


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