Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lovecraft's Food Humor

The Shepard Cafeteria, 122-124-126 Mathewson Street, Providence, R.I.

When he got to know Wandrei better, they often joked about a low-end diner in Providence known as Jake's. That in mind, HPL found a post card and wrote on August 11, 1927 [1]:

"Glad you've found the equivalent of Jake's - here's hoping you load up with enough fuel to make up for the fatigue! ... economise on the food & take it easier in other ways! ... I can imagine the unrestrained orgy of nourishment & dormitation which will follow your return... {signed} Nekrophilos"

Wandrei was on another hitchhiking tour at the time.

Diligent Chrispy has found a facsimile of the very postcard Lovecraft wrote these notes upon.

1 Letters pf HP Lovecraft and Donald Wandrei, Joshi, Night Shade Books, 2002, p.147

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