Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lovecraft Legend Tripping Part 2

A postcard very similar to that Lovecraft sent to Wandrei on May 2, 1929. "Don't you wish you were here? {signed} The Original Melmoth."

^The description of this 1932 postmarked card carries the same typo as HPL's card.

^Detail from card in possesion of Chris Perridas.

Cancel: 6 PM, April 5, 1932. "I have read "Good Earth" {Pearl Buck - CP}. It is both splendid and terrible. I am having such a lovely trip and visit. Cattee and his mother send love to you. Love, Mary".

As with HPL, post cards were easy means to share brief thoughts with correspondents.

As can be seen, the mispelling was eventually corrected on the post cards.


cheesemeister said...

This is some great stuff.
I would love to visit the Poe museum and Lovecraft's grave also.

Michelle said...

Dagnabbit if I ever (please the Elders) own a house, I will have to give serious thought about starting an HPL museum if no one else has gotten their heiny around to doing it yet. Or if I ever start a bookshop/cafe, that would be a good place for it. Ooooh.... someone give me lots of money and just WATCH what will happen.


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