Friday, April 02, 2010

"Why not slough off consciousness altogether?"

Lovecraft was despondent after losing 454 Angell Street. He contemplated if life was over.

He wasn't the only one. It was in the air. Providence was changing for everyone and stresses were building.

In: Annual report upon the births, marriages and deaths in the city of Providence By Providence (R.I.). City Council, (1905)

There were in 1905 29 deaths by suicide The manner of death is specified in Table VIII As shown in the summaries deaths by suicide have increased from 6.63 in the first to 12.4 in the last decade that is they have nearly doubled The deaths by suicide for the whole period of 50 years are about equally divided as regards native and foreign parentage but suicides of males are nearly four times as numerous as suicides of females.

If you didn't read the biography, yet, Lovecraft didn't do it - ever. He stuck it out, and we are the better for his decision.

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