Thursday, April 22, 2010

CM Eddy Jr: Music notes

Elsewhere on the blog, we uncovered a school Thanksgiving song by Mr. C M Eddy, Jr. {Thanksgiving Melody by CM Eddy, Jr., 1932, Grade teacher, Volume 50‎ - Page 201}

Now, "Da Google" has revealed a few more Eddy gems.

"When there's love at the end of the lane" song m CM Eddy jr arr Felix Testa 1 c July 3 1933 E unp 73328 Myrtle Lillian Wads worth 15624 {Reference: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS COPYRIGHT OFFICE CATALOGUE OF COPYRIGHT; ENTRIES; PART 3; Musical Compositions; NEW SERIES; VOLUME 28 PART 1 FIRST HALF OF 1933 Nos 1-9}

Fragments appear in other sources. Chrispy will list them below.

"Rocky Mountain Rose"; W F Connally, melody CM Eddy, Jr. © 1 c. Dec. 17, 1932; E unp. 65297; Florence Connally and CM Eddy Jr, 27732 {Catalog of copyright entries, Part 3, Volume 27‎ - Page 1158}


And this little gem. It's an ad in an obscure magazine known as American Notes & Queries - a Journal for the Curious 1943-44 By Hesperides, page 71. Derleth seeks Eddy and others.


Next, a little warning to researchers. There is a "C M Eddy" affiliated with the Episcopal church.

It is highly unlikely this is anything to do with C M Eddy, Jr. {1903, Annual session, Volumes 34-37 By Methodist Episcopal Church. Central New York Conference, p.33}

Another example:

And beware there is a Charlotte M Eddy as below.

{It's from Catalog of copyright entries, Part 3, Volume 13, Issue 1 By Library of Congress. Copyright Office, p.615}

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