Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hope Street High School Adminsitration (1903 ff)

Let's pause and discuss Charles Edward Tilley. Unknown how much Lovecraft knew of him, but they would have crossed paths.

In numerous journals, particularly as a member of The American Association of the Advancement of Science, Tilley of Hope Street High School is mentioned along with Winslow Upton of Brown University, etc.

In 1906's book for Phi Delta Theta we find he is still preeminent...

He has a major article in Education, Volume 27, p. 467, 1907. of which the first page is reporduced below ...

He was a Brown University Graduate ( CHARLES EDWARD TILLEY, AM Pedagogy, 1898-99.) and of Amherst College (Charles Edward Tilley Providence AB {Amherst College) 1892,Charles Edward Tilley, MA 1897 and CHARLES EDWARD TILLEY, MA, [Providence, R. L], son of Charles H. and Phebe A.)

In a Who's Who, His wife is listed as a suffrage movement member and more ...

Finally here is the list of the members of the AAAS in 1904's late edition (obviously published mid 1905 or so). Winslow Upton (Ladd Observatory and Lovecraft's mentor), John Howard Appleton (living on Angell Street), Alpheus Spring Packard (Jr) (Living on Angell Street), and Tilley (Hope High School) are all listed. Packard had just died (14 February 1905). These were all in Lovecraft's orbit.

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