Friday, April 23, 2010

Westminster Sreet (1912)

Hi, Lovecraftians. I collected a number of images of Westminster here. It's a s close as Chrispy can get from letting you stroll down the street with 20-something Lovecraft. Imagineer yourself there.


If you click on the image and expand it into a new window, you'll see Keith's Theater, part of the Albee circuit. Providence was very busy, and you'll see that circa 1912, long dresses were still the norm. Still several years away from "flappers". Street cars were prominent modes of transportation.

Below is the identical scene, only colorized. Uncannily, the cart in the street near the right pedestal clock is in the precise and identical spot! Other minor changes are visible in the photo, for instance an electric pole in the foreground as well as new (modern) curbing. Perhaps the postcard was an alternate photographic scene, taken the same day, and illustrated with retouches to remove certain features and enhance others. The first photo, by the way is from: (Page 111) THE GENUINE PATRIOTISM, an article from Volume 47 Number 3 in the May 1912 issue of NEW ENGLAND MAGAZINE.

As far as Keith's, here is the entrance a few years earlier.

And here is an elevated illustration of Keith's and its neighboring storefronts.

And here are other views of Westminster about the same time. It would not take much for a talented creative artist to create a virtual world of Lovecraft's Westminster, as there are so very mnay images of it from this time period.

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