Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lovecraft's Meteorological Equipment (1906) Part A

In his "Third Annual Report of the Prov. Meteorological Station: 1906" of 16 January 1907, Lovecraft declares he has:

(1) Mercurial Barometer by Spooner
(2) Sixe's Thermometer by Taylor
(3) Rain Guage by Queen & Co.
(4) Wind Vane by Gage & Co.
(5) Storm Glass by Lage
(6) Stan[dard] Thermometer by Wilder
(7) Diffraction Spectroscope by Ives

What is all this stuff, and were they his - or owned by someone else like the Providence Journal?

Let us take (1). This is a barometer devised by Spooner and created by SPOONER BAROMETER OF BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS. It is described as "elongated form in walnut with ebony trim. The receptacle base with shaped wood. The dial at top with thermometer on right side and barometer on left." There were no doubt many versions since it's late 19th century cration.

The design remained relatively unchanged over the years (since 1850?). Here is another description: Stick Barometer E. & C. Spooner, Boston, American, ca 1850, of walnut and ebonized walnut. Telescope form, manufactured by E.C. Spooner, Boston. Curved molded crest above a silvered register with barometer and thermometer engraved The/Storm King Barometer/Warranted Correct/Manufactured/and Sold by/E.C. Spooner Boston; ht. 42 in.

We do not know what year or model this is, but it would look a lot like this image.

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