Monday, April 05, 2010

A final note of Lovecraft's Little Book

As I reflect on this, and see the primary documents of the era, I may want to lean on the side that it was NOT Lamb's (#92) Harper's Half-Hour series that HPL used, but the more modest and more appropriate 125 PP. book named "Tales from the Odyssey for Boys and Girls" (#131).

This would solve a few additional issues.

Lovecraft's poem was "THE YOUNG FOLKS' ULYSSES, or the Odyssey in plain OLD ENGLISH VERSE; An Epick Poem writ by Howard Lovecraft, Gent."

(The Providence Press; Providence R I; 454 Angell St.; 1897)

"The Young Folks' Ulysses" which paraphrases the smaller book from Harper's, and that book was layed out in a more fairy-tale format, as the advertisement states.

One can read Lovecraft's poem at this link:click

Compare the story progression against Harper's advertisement and summary. It does seem to follow the same or a similar progression. Of course this progression is the same as the Odyssey, but the "Materfamilas" version is highly coincidental :


{Still on the hunt for an e-copy of either Harper book}

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