Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MIRAGE #4 (1961)

No Chrispy hasn't forgot about the "Legacy" part of H.P. Lovecraft and His Legacy. Here is a copy of Mirage (by editor jack Chalker) containing a very young Marion Zimmer (Bradley) on her way to the stars and the top of fantasy lists everywhere.

Fanzines were the e-zines of their day only on paper - usually mimeograph by the 1960's. {Chrispy well recalls mimeographs, the stencils, and the ink, but he ain't that old!)

The seler states: MIRAGE #4. 1961 fanzine devoted to H.P. Lovecraft and related Arkham House fiction. This issue includes storites by John Murdock & Marion Zimmer Bradley and Ed Bryant, an article by August Derleth, columns, and letters. Cover is by Dave Prosser (Starting bid $9.99).


Here is an excerpt of how Mirage got started by Chalker ... Mirage evolved out of my earlier fanzine, Centaur. My second issue was called Kaleidoscope 2, but it had no title on the cover, as I had announced a contest for a permanent title. K2 couldn't have been more different from Centaur; this time August Derleth was the big influence, and the fanzine was very Lovecraftian in content. K2 was printed by Don Studebaker, and took some time to get out since I actually had to pay for supplies this time. I was very surprised by the positive reaction to it; I picked Mirage as the 'winner' for its permanent name (which had been suggested by a Sears & Roebuck salesman and would-be horror writer from Knoxville, Tennessee, named Gene Tipton) and decided to go with the 'serious and constructive' path that K2 had taken rather than the 'same-old same-old' of Centaur. The cover was drawn by David Prosser, a classical music disk jockey and part-time portrait painter from Ohio whose portraits of great opera stars are in major opera houses across the country. In fact, Prosser did the cover for every issue of Mirage and also designed the distinctive logo for Mirage (which I still use with my Mirage Press publications).


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