Monday, December 28, 2009

Things to come!

I've thought a lot of what to do next.

2200 + posts of HPL so far! 106,000 + reads! Ia!

I'll keep looking for Ebayeum goodies - and pray that Google stays in business or it will all be lost! (Que sera sera). Some of you should copy some of this stuff, because Chrispy won't live forever, and you may want to show your grandchildren some of these things about HPL. Maybe one day, HPL will be digitized, but until then this is my best stab at doing it.

I'm in awe everyday when I open up my email box and read your mail, or get posts at the HPL "Inner Sanctum". YOU reading what I type is an energy boost each and every time. Thank YOU!

Heaven knows seeing my name in Kenneth Faig's book made my year - my decade! I can retire happy just from that!

So what can Chrispy do now? Where to go from here?

Well, if health holds up and I can keep my fingers typing I hope to do an original serial story for you. A couple of you saw some of it and laughed heartily, so I feel confident enough to finish and let YOU have it. Like a pie at a burlesque show, I have about 2/3 of the story finished and can post it every Monday for YOU to read and read, laugh at, or mock! It will be very much in the vein of my favortie all time movie: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, only without Aboott, Costello, and Frankenstein. Those characters are most likely copyrighted, heh. So stay tuned. I hope I can start it in February, but that would mean finishing it, editing it, and so forth.

I have already scketched out a few new original mini-essays to stimulate your own research and imagination. "Lovecraft's Words", "Lovecraft: Deaf?", and maybe more.

A lot will depend on my day job's stresses, what Dark Resources will need from me, and any other requests I get.

I know Boyd and I keep trying to do a "Chupacabra" hunt in Texas together. Wilum, I hope I can make it to HPL film fest in 2010.

I have a Lin Carter manuscript already drafted, but have no idea if I ever find a publisher. Probably not. I need to write up an essay on my collection of Adolphe de Castro letters. A good friend is thinking about doing a graphic novel on one of my stories, but who knows if it will make it past the proposal? :) Tom and I have discussed starting a magazine of antiquarian horror. I still haven't loaded the adobe software. (sorry). I've discussed doing a printing of my stories in an anthology, but most likely I'll put them up on a new blogger account this year. The issue is that many are R and X rated, so blogger might not be a great fit for that. Don't know. Well, on and on and on it goes. A day in the life of Chrispy!

I feel two months behind where I need to be, but I just had to have some ME time recently. (Passed level 220 in Mafia Wars! Join Chrispy's mafia on facebook!)

I'm happy that I could keep up the post a day at HPL, though!

Thank each of YOU for the emails I get. I owe several posts to many of you from materials you've sent. I'm trying! (Dave G: The alligators are set for 21 January 2010).

Each of you have a blessed 2010 - we all sure need one.

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