Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Lovecraftian Disaster

I was recently reading my copy of Lovecraft Letters, the Derleth's Arkham edition trying to brush on on his relationship with Harry Houdini and Henneberger, and multitasking. I was also eating with Mrs. Chris in front of the television while wtaching a Christmas movie. Then a cascading event!

I reached over for a napkin, the book slid off my lap, dropped on the floor, jostled Mrs. Chris' ice tea which splashed a drop of tea on the binding (the dust cover was removed). I took my napkin and attempted to dry the tea from the cover and the napkin instantly fused to the binding! Stunned (what did Derleth use on his black ink boards, adhesive?) I worked with it for a few minutes only making it worse. Even my standby, lip balm, would not remove the cellulose fibers from the copy.

Thus, one day when my bones are but dust, and a future Lovecraftian holds my mouldering copy of Lovecraft Letters, he will wonder ... but I did slip a note into the book as to this story of blundersome Perridas.

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Lady Lovecraft said...

The librarian in me shivers at the pure thought of eating/drinking while dealing with such treasures - whilst the Lovecraftain envisions herself with the very same book and a nice cup of tea .... Ah, the downside of being a bibliophile Lovecraftian [laughs].
I you saved as much as possible of the book [and the tea],



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