Monday, December 14, 2009

95 Million Year Old Octopus: Cthulhu's Cousin?

Am I ever late to this one. I saw it in my Top 100 science items in Discover Magazine. It was discovered last January. "Scientists have found evidence of 95 million-year-old octopus."

I still imagine Cthulhu coming to Earth back in those days, before we were a glimmer of a Lemur's eye, and saying - hmm, there's a noble interesting creature I can command whilst I sleep. And then seizing the form of the multi-tentacled thing. Who can say, or even drad to consider, the original form of the Eldritch and their minions?

As I recall (the article is not in front of me, and it's getting old for Google) it was found in Lebanon, and it was accidentally buried in some sterile, uninhabited waters that kept predators from sucking away it's succulent flesh.

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