Friday, December 18, 2009

1905 Christmas Letter

This is a sweet Ebay item just in time for the Christmas Season! Lovecraft, as many know, rejected Santa (and Jesus) at a very early age. Other children did not.

is a vintage and original letter to Santa (Claus), from a Providence, Rhode Island boy named Lawrence W. Strickland. Lawrence lived at 965 Eddy st. (in Providence), and wrote the letter in ink of the period in December of 1905. This is a cute and poignant century old letter in which he tells Santa that he “liked the things you sent me last Christmas.” He continues, in part, “For this year I would like a warm sweater, a pair of skates, a baseball suit (uniform), a knife, snow shovel, a baseball game.” He goes on, “I would especially (like) a baseball suit and a baseball game, and a sweater, knife.” It is interesting to note that the old professional Providence Grays baseball team played not far away from his address, and one has to wonder if their games helped to inspire Lawrence’s request…a great old Santa letter.

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