Saturday, December 26, 2009

April 1935: Ackerman's Fantasy

Weird Tales dedication issue. includes a biographical sketch of HP Lovecraft, and cool poem by Farnsworth Wright

Recently seen, here are some contents. As described by seller.

March 1935 the amazing story dedicated issue, has interviews with principals including Florence Bothner, the secretary of the editor

June 1935 this issue has and article title "how i came to write Science Fiction" by Ray Cummings, "the Art of Time Travel" by TS Gardner, and of course plenty of Forry Ackerman and Julius Schwartz.

July 1935 issue has movie reviews by none other than Forrest Ackerman, an amazing biographical sketch of Robert E. Howard, done DURING his lifetime. it has a cool impressionistic linoleum cut of Howard in the back.

August 1935 an early Bloch satire story "the Ultimate Ultimatum" depicting a strange meeting of writers including Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and more... Even forrest Ackerman is mentioned.

Mar 1936 a weird issue, it is smaller in size than the others, and printed with a bold cover. includes the story "Thirteen Phantasms" by Clark Ashton Smith, there is a biographical sketch of August Derleth, plenty of Forrest Ackerman movie related articles, including one where he discusses his speaking Esperanto

September 1936 sadly has a memorial for Robert E. Howard, but it also has cool stuff like a column by Robert Bloch titled Funtasy....also something by HG Wells,

... amazing 3rd aniiversary issue. it includes the famous "Challenge from Beyond". also has a cool congratulations page from A. Merritt, and others, including forrest Ackerman's parents.


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