Saturday, December 19, 2009

19 December 1927

to Wandrei:

"I am getting quite lonely for horror... when we grow old, the feelings & intensity of our early childhood return to us with a freshness & intensity scarcely to be conceived of ..."

In this letter, he refers to Wandrei's mention of a lecture by Rennell Rodd (1858-1941) lecture, a poet who'd won the Newdigate prize in 1880. Lovecraft states ... "he read one poem on Greece which gives me a highly favourable idea of his style & attainments...".

"I attended a lecture by Canon Fellowes of Windsor [1870-1951] ... learned much that was new to me about early English music ..."

Lovecraft refers to him as "Canon' Fellowes becuase he was a minor canon of St. George's Chapel, Windsor from 1900 (to 1951). His given name was Edmund Horace Fellowes. Fellowes' compassion for mid-16th century - mid-17th century music led him to edit hundreds of manuscripts of ancient music, particularly madrigals.

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