Sunday, December 27, 2009

27 December 1916

to Kleiner:

"inspiration ... [my] first poem of mine selected for publication by The [November] National Magazine ... the December number is another effort of mine ... Brotherhood ...

In prideful scorn, I watch'd the farmer stride
With step uncouth o'er road and mossy lane;
How could I help but distantly deride
The churlish, callous'd, coarse-clad country swain ...

..; the tend'rest impulse of a noble race
Had prov'd the boor a finer man than I! was composed more in levity than in lyrical rage ... It seems comical to me to have trash like this printed in a real illustrated professional magazine, with my name on the page of contents!"


Here at 26, HPL shows his intensity at what he believes to be civilization is a high standard, while other sociological groups are belittled as roughian. Another opinion is thus ...


Eugene Ferguson was a late 19th - early 20th artist from Rhode Island who painted pastoral landscapes, often with cows. He exhibited frequently at the Providence Art Club during the 1920's. Scenes of cows from Saylesville and the Rhode Island countryside dominated. During his lifetime he resided at 200 Thurbers Avenue in Providence.

The only example I could find is:

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