Saturday, December 12, 2009

Real Ghost Stories of the '30's

One more Margaret Beane recorded story shows a subtle touch of Weird Tales. Recorded On 3 Decemeber 1936. Story #163, Cypress and Swamps, Alan Brown.

"On just such a night as this, my son and I ... asked for shelter. A man called that he had no empty cabins. After much persuasion [he said] we might sleep in an old abandoned house on his property.

" room we were going to use had a bed made as if expecting someone to use it. I was too tired to care ... I had no sooner laid down and was dozing off than I heard someone walking ... thought it must be the man who owned the place I called my son ... we opened the door, and saw nothing, nothing at all ... [the] something screamed, and it seemed that the whole side of the house must be caving in. I was afraid to go outside ... afraid what might happen. All night long, I sat on the side of my bed listening to those ungodly things going on outside ...

"Daylight came at last, and we crept outside. [We saw the owner who said] one had slept in that house for years.

"That house held a secret of some kind; something terrible had happened there, and the spirits were trying to tell it, and some day it will come out."

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