Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Picture in the House Inspiration

This is a few generations removed from Lovecraft's copy (probably) but it's still interesting to contemplate him perusing a book like this and getting a weird spark of imagination. The images aren't terrific. I included a better one. The entire text can be read at
Sellers's notes: This is a great volume for all fans of Weird Fiction Master H.P. Lovecraft. In Lovecraft's classic horror story "The Picture in the House" the protagonist finds an old copy of the Regnum Congo by Filippo Pigafetta which contains a description of the cannibalistic Anzique tribe of Africa and an old illustration of an Anzique version of a butcher's shop with a human being cut up for sale (this illustration being THE "picture in the house"). This volume is the source for Lovecraft's information about the Regnum Congo, including the information on the Anziques and the infamous illustration itself! This is an old (undated, but seemingly 1940s) hardcover edition of the volume Man's Place in Nature by Thomas Henry Huxley which includes his lengthy essay "The Man-Like Apes" which included the information which Lovecraft used to create one of his most effective tales of Horror.

This volume includes reproductions of some of the DeBry illustrations contained in the original edition as well as all the information which Lovecraft himself had about the infamous text Regnum Congo. Truly a "must have" for any Lovecraft collection. 330 pages, well illustrated.

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