Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Frank B Long and Arkham


Seller's notes:

"Dear Frank" - Signed letter from August Derleth to Frank (Belknap Long) - 18 February, 1961

re: "The Horror from the Hills"

A brief but interesting note from A.D. to his friend and friend to Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Frank Belknap Long, requesting of him a manuscript copy of "The Horror From the Hills". to prepare it for publication from Arkham House. Now unfortunately I do not have the follow up correspondence regarding the $50 fee for having the manuscript retyped, but I would assume (knowing Long's constant financial deprivation) that Long no doubt retyped it himself!

Letter is signed with Derleth's customary squiggle. Light staining as this was housed in Long's unkempt apartment for years.



"Dear Mr. Squires" - Signed letter from James Turner to Roy A. Squires - 3 December, 1975

upon Arkham House stationary

Following the death of August Derleth in 1971, Arkham House spiraled nearly out of control for a few years. James Turner became managing editor and indeed "managed" to right the ship, bringing on board some major talents from the pool of younger modern writers and artists, and at the same time keeping the older more traditional Arkham House scriviners on board. This letter to noted bookseller, publisher, printer and bibliographer Roy Squires, brings to light the early negotiations with author Frank Belknap Long regarding his book "In Mayan Splendor".

Letter is signed by James Turner.

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