Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October 1934 Fantasy Fan

These are getting prettys rare these days.
The seller (jwhitebooks) states: The OCTOBER 1934 issue (Dedicated to H. P. LOVECRAFT) of the fanzine THE FANTASY FAN, Volume 2 Number 2 (Whole Number 14), featuring:
Our Readers Say (H. P. LOVECRAFT, Richard F. SEAFIGHT, Robert NELSON, Fred John WALSEN, Duane W. RIMEL, Bob TUCKER, R. H. BARLOW, H. KOENIG, J. Sam SMART, F. Lee BALDWIN)
Within the Circle (by F. Lee BALDWIN)
Supernatural Horror in Literature (part 13, by H. P. LOVECRAFT)
The Favorite Weird Stories of H. P. LOVECRAFT (courtesy of H. KOENIG)
Weird Whisperings (by SCHWARTZ and WEISINGER)
Fungi From Yuggoth (I. The Book; II. Pursuit, by H. P. LOVECRAFT – these verses have never before been published)
Beyond the Wall of Sleep (by H. P. LOVECRAFT)
Editor, Charles D. HORNIG (137 West Grand Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey)
A NEAR FINE-FINE copy, slight darkening around the edges. Digest-sized.

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