Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lin Carter on Lovecraft (1957)

Lin Carter - HP Lovecraft: The Books , Omissions , Corrections , and Errata
Lin Carter - HP Lovecraft: The Gods
Inside Science Fiction (please note by this time , the magazine reverted back to the original issue #'ering ) 64 pages, cover Jerry Prueitt {Robbie the Robot homage}, interior artwork by Roy Hunt , Jerry Prueitt , Roy Hunt , Cindy , others


Lin Carter - HP Lovecraft The Books , Omissions , Corrections , and Errata
Lin Carter - HP Lovecraft The Gods
Dave Foley - Resounding Science Fiction
James Gunn - Writing Of Science Fiction
Bob Leman - Conformity In Science Fiction
Jeanne Davis - The Heiresses ( fiction )
+ many many book reviews ( Bester , Blish , Walt Kelly "Pogo's Sunday Punch" , Arthur C Clarke , Isaac Asimov , and many many more )
+ a letter column
editorial content , cartoon gags
+ much more

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