Monday, October 13, 2008

Lovecraft's Legacy in Australia (1955)


Nearly 18 years after Lovecraft's death, Australian fans recalled Lovecraft in this commemorative. The Weird Tales writers - fictioneers as E Hoffmann Price called them - were fondly remembered.


The seller (epegana) states: "THE FOURTH AUSTRALIAN SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION" - Mar. 18-20, 1955 // In memory of Stanley G. Weinbaum, Abraham Merritt, Howard P. Lovecraft, Robert E. HowardI offer the official "Souvenir Booklet of The Fourth Australian Science Fiction Convention" held in 1955 in Sydney, Australia. The booklet is twenty-four pages in length with stiff-paper stapled covers and lists all committee members, all programming for the Convention, and a page for autographs.This was Roy A. Squires' copy and bears his signature. Squires did not attend but did place an advertisement in the booklet for his publication "The Science Fiction Advertiser".

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