Thursday, October 23, 2008

1923: A Lovecraft Invitation

The seller states: An Announcement card from H. P. Lovecraft, President - July, 1923 // Howard Phillips Lovecraft was only a scant few months away from having his work appear in "Weird Tales" magazine, and presiding over the National Amateur Press Association had to be the furthest-most task on his mind. However with William Dowdell's being "impeached" and voted out of office (HPL said later for "running off with a chorus girl") he was forced to once again assume the mantle of "President", if only for a few months. The Forth-Eighth Annual Convention of the National Amateur Press Association took place in Cleveland, Ohio July 2-4, 1923. HPL did not attend but he did hold office long enough to have his name printed on the invitation card.

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