Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ed Lee's short story project announced

{Chrispy is an Ed Lee fan.}

... I'm GIDDY at the prospect. I'll start the GAST rewrite in about a month; until then I'm working on a 15000-word short story (I believe I've mentioned this in the past) that's believe it or not, ANOTHER Lovecraftian project. The story's called "Trolley No. 1852"; any HPL-philes out there might recall that designation from notes that HPL wrote in 1934 detailing one of his nightmares; he entitled the notes "The Thing in the Moonlight." August Derleth estimated that Lovecraft wanted to incorporate this nightmare into a bonafide story but he could never come up with any ideas before he died. Well, I HAVE come up with an idea, and it's pretty off the wall. In my story, HPL is invited to write a porn story pseudonymously for a subversive privately circulated erotica mag. In it I will be putting HPL's nightmare images to good use. So far I'm only 2000 words into it but it's going well (though trying to imitate Lovecraft's style is a bit inhibiting!) I hope he approves...

Anyway, that's my latest news. Thanks all for your continued support!

Edward Lee

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