Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lovecraft and Music

Here is a representation of Lovecraft's Legacy - and his circle of colleagues - roughly 40 years after his decease.
Seller's Notes: Up for auction are three issues of "The Romantist" an annual publication of the F. Marion Crawford Memorial Society. The editors are John C. Moran, Don Herron and Steve Eng. The issues present are #1, #2, & #4-5. These were published between 1977-1981. The print run of each issue of this beautiful 8 1/2" x 11" perfect bound fanzine was only 300 copies. All copies have been hand numbered. This 'zine' ran from 75 to over 100 pages. Contributors include, as well as the editors, H. Warner Munn, Donald Sidney-Fryer, Charles K. Wolfe, Kenneth W. Faig, Dirk W. Mosig and others. Issue #4-5 was devoted to the now deceased, Munn, but also included an article on Sheridan Le Fanu, composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold (think Robin Hood & The Sea Hawk...), and a Lovecraft article, "Lovecraft and Music" by August Derleth and S.T. Joshi and much, much more. A great publication. Condition varies from VG/VG+. All issues are still square but the Munn issue (#4-5) has a cover corner bump and some binding wrinkles on the spine. Issue #2 has 2'' frayed edge on the spine and #1 is a little soiled on the lower left front cover. Overall the issues are pretty nice. See pictures. This is now an uncommon publication and here is a chance to pick them up cheap.

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