Wednesday, October 15, 2008

James Schevill's "Lovecraft's Follies" (1971)

Foundation for Repertory Theater of Rhode Island Production. 33 years after Lovecraft's death, his legend grows.
Seller's Notes: Up for auction is a copy of the scarce hardcover edition of James Schevill's, "Lovecraft's Follies". This was a surrealist play centering around Lovecraft. The book was published by the Swallows Press in 1971. It sports a Margaret Brundage Weird Tales cover dust jacket. This book is listed in the Joshi biblio. as # III-G-iv-6. Along with the book is a rare copy of the actual playbill for the play, which had it's world premiere March 10, 1970, in Providence Rhode Island. The cover of the playbill shows the unaltered 'Weird' cover.

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This is a great blog, even though it makes me really envious of some of the collectors!


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