Friday, September 12, 2008

September 1934 Fantasy Magazine

Lovecraft to Barlow on 25 September 1934, "I suppose you know there will be a tale by Merritt - "The Drone" - in Leedle Shoolie's September Fantasy."

From (epegana) the seller:

"FANTASY MAGAZINE" - September, 1934 - Second Anniversary Issue
Edited by Julius Schwartz
One of the classiest fanzines of its day "Fantasy Magazine" had few equals (only "The Fantasy Fan" comes to mind as the single surpassing example). Every issue was printed from type that Conrad Ruppert laboriously set by hand...unbelievable!This is your typical excellent content-ed issue with contributions by the "unquestionably" popular fantasist of the day A. Merritt - with an original short story entitled, "The Drone"; Donald Wandrei is present with a tale entitled "The Chuckler" and there is a self-interview of Murray Leinster by Will Jenkins. Note: the installment of "Cosmos" is not present.The interior paper of this issue is better than very good but as you can see from the scan the spine is chipped.

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