Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Note of Phil Garland, Collector

From the seller (epegana)

HP.LOVECRAFT - FOR SALE - A COLLECTION - 119 ITEMS - The Phil Garland collection
Published by International Bookfinders, Inc.
Phil Garland was a remarkable individual - writer, poet, wit, bibliographer, noted literary figure in the Pacific Northwest ... and collector. Phil first collected H. P. Lovecraft and he collected not only books but manuscripts and incidental materials. He sold his Lovecraft collection thru International Bookfinders complete for $4850 a princely sum back in the '70's but a pittance these days when you see what was in the collection - Barlow bound "Shunned House", "Cats of Ulthar", "History of the Necronomicon", "HPL" - the Stickeny booklet, and HPL's Arkham House books. My friend Phil then bought an entire Clark Ashton Smith collection from - his favorite writer - from Roy A. Squires.

7-page booklet of 120 items.

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