Friday, September 19, 2008

Lovecraft Appears - In the Mystery Magazines (1946)

Classic Image (1946)

Ebay Listing

While Chrispy has no real proof, one suspects the hand of Derleth. About this time Lovecraft stories begin popping up in strange places - and many, many places. Not quite ten years after HPL's death, Derleth appeared to 'own' Lovecraft stories and fed them rapidly to reprint magazines who seemed eager to have them. (Search the blog records for the many placements, or check your bibliographies).
The ebay listing 'zine looks spectacularly different from the classic image on The Fiction Mags Index.

It was difficult to find a listing of which HPL story might be considered a 'mystery'. However the mystery (heh, pardon the obvious pun, but I couldn't resist) was solved with the table of contents below:
Rex Stout Mystery Magazine [# 3, February 1946] (Avon Book Company, 25¢, 166pp, digest); Details taken from dealer’s catalogue on ABEBooks.
· They Can Only Hang You Once [Sam Spade] · Dashiell Hammett · ss Colliers Nov 19 ’32
· The Calico Dog [“The Case of the Calico Dog”; Susan Dare] · Mignon G. Eberhart · nv The Delineator Sep ’34
· The Locked Room [Dr. Gideon Fell] · John Dickson Carr · ss The Strand Jul ’40
· A Matter of Taste [Lord Peter Wimsey] · Dorothy L. Sayers · ss, 1928
· The Rats in the Walls · H. P. Lovecraft · ss Weird Tales Mar ’24
· Boston Blackie’s Mary [Boston Blackie] · Jack Boyle · nv Redbook, 1917
· The Man Upstairs · William Irish · ss Mystery Book Magazine Aug ’45
· The Vanishing Lady · Alexander Woollcott · ss (r)
· The Butler [Chief Insp. William Dawson] · Bennett Copplestone · na (r)

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