Friday, September 19, 2008

Early Ad (1937) for "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"

The seller States: FANTASY MAGAZINE - January, 1937 Edited by Julius Schwartz

This excellent fanzine featured the twenty year old Robert Bloch in a humorous piece entitled, "Funtasy" wherein Bloch comments and guffaws on subjects and personalities relating to fantasy - "Zombies are people who write travel-books about Vodoo" .

Additionally there is a six-page autobiographette by Neil R. Jones a popular author of the day who primarily appeared in "Amazing Stories". Editor (and one time agent for H. P. Lovecraft) Julius Schwartz provides all the gossip and noteworthy news in the F & SF field. Speaking of Lovecraft, there is a full-page advertisement for his book "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" , "Heavy book paper cloth bound $1.00...leatherbound edition for $2.50".......anyone out there ever hear, or come across a "leatherbound" edition of this book! Telephone me immediately!!

One of the great pioneering fanzines some staining, in very good condition.

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